Topshop Aurora

How fitting? The term aurora means the dawn or rise of something. With the entry of a new season, I find this nail colour perfectly suitable. Cooler temperatures and the replacement of the sun with rain clearly show that the lovely summer season is over.

I find that with Fall comes the cliched colour of burgundy and other deep red tones. Now don't get me wrong. I love me some burgundy but I thought why shouldn't I experiment more with various colours.
I have completely fallen in love with Topshop's Aurora. It's warm tone gives me the feeling christmas. I am sure much has been said about Topshop's fast drying formulas, however for me particularly, the fact that the colour is not long lasting makes me slightly disappointed. None the less, this iridescent colour is going to be one of my favourites over this season. An alternative to Aurora is Revlon's Rose Gold nail polish. Have you tried the colour? What are your thoughts?

Worldwide Wardrobe Competition

I was recently reading one of my favourite blogs, What I Heart Today when I stumbled upon this post about a competition. Now I love participating in competitions because they give some sort of challenge and it also gives a break to that mental blog block you get once in a while. 

Travel Supermarket is running an exciting competition called Worldwide Wardrobe which gives bloggers the chance to win an amazing prize. If you love fashion and travel, this is a competition for you. You will need to create five outfits for five destinations keeping the budget to under £200. The prize, you get to win the outfit as well as the trip to whichever category you win. Isn't that awesome? I decided to enter all five categories and below are my picks :)
I dream about visiting Paris every so often, the language is enchanting, the music is peaceful and calming and the sights are definitely ones to see. With this in mind, I based my outfit on calm, comfortable and elegant pieces. On a day I would be sightseeing in Paris, I would dress up these high waisted trousers from Zara with a tucked in sleeveless top from TopShop. The wedges would give me a bit of height to look glamorous as I pose for my pictures infront of the Eiffel tower. I would keep accessories to a minimum with this bracelet from ASOS that has heart shaped charms because Paris is a city of love. Finally my bag to keep all my gadgets, notebook and anything else you would need while sightseeing.
It's been said that when you visit spain, there are two cities you should not leave the country without visiting...Barcelona and Ibiza. Ibiza [from the pictures I have seen] has the most beautiful scenary. It is breathtaking which makes it full of life and a buzzing city. For a night out on the town, I would keep it as dramatic as the city by putting on this bandage neon dress and a statement sandal from Zara. The small purse would keep my phone and money.
Currently leaving in England, I understand the dynamics here. A day out shopping in London means you will get the train, walk long distances either on Oxford street or in an enormous mall like Westfield, bump into many people and perhaps have bad weather. At the end of the day as much as shopping is a lot of fun, you do not want to come home sore and frustrated. I picked this outfit because it is easy to remove in the changing rooms, comfortable and still keeps you looking über stylish. The River Island jacket and Zara scarf come in handy when the weather all so suddenly turns grey. The clarks brogues have a soft cushion that keeps you comfortable as you walk long distances while the Zara bag is a light weight option that doesn't break your back while you carry those massive bags from H&M and TopShop. 
I love dresses and so does Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City turned my world and expectations of New York around. Blair and Serena didn't help either. New York is a glamourzone, a world of its own in my opinion. For cocktails, I would put this dress on from Oasis and keep everything else to black and gold. I think this outfit makes a subtle and yet bold statement and makes you stand out in a fashion cluttered environment.

Everyone seems to love Thailand. Why though?? It must be the sun, calming scenery right? Ooh now I get it. I would love it then. Full moon party at the beach, yes please. I would wear these polkadot shorts from TopShop and this vest from NewLook to keep it light in the heat. My Miss Selfridge duffle bag would hold my swim suit and other essentials I would need for the beach while my hat would protect me from the sun rays.

So that's it from me. This was actually fun. Which outfit from this post are you loving? Hope you are able to participate.