Personal Microderm

I wouldn't say I have a heavy load of acne going on. But if I had the option of getting a much clearer complexion, I guess myself as well as you would definitely say YES :). My skin is oily so yeh it is prone to acne and during a certain time in the month, lets just say I get 2 - 3 visitors on my face.

In the past I pinched every one of them and this left scars, which is when I became a bit fussy about my skin and pimples. I can say I have invested in a number of "tubes" that promise relief, some funny green antibiotic tablets, masks and even facials but found that either these didn't offer long lasting effects or I wasn't patient with them.

Recently I decided to do some research and at least give this skin business one final try. I found that many blogs, YouTubers and websites talked about microdermabrasion. Scary right. Basically, it is a process by which you exfoliate the skin to enable the growth of skin cells that repair the damaged skin. Why not give it a try? The PMD was one of the most raved about solutions. Its advantages - you can have it handy at home and use as you please [the cost of this process at the spa is ridiculous]. I picked up one with the attitude "what's the worst that could happen?"

I personally use it whenever I feel a pimple coming. Once I use it, I am clear of that.
Since I started using the PMD, I have gotten less pimples.
My scars and blemishes have reduced
It leaves your skin feeling really really soft and glowing
During winter, my body got dry patches. I used this to take those dry flakes off and found that my body butter sunk in much faster with better results.

It is expensive. However, I would really recommend this especially if you want to see an improvement in your troubled skin. 

Do you have the PMD? Let me know your experiences.