Right Now #1

When I discovered Heather Lindsey's blog I was immediately blown away. She is truly a woman after God's own heart who candidly shares her life story while encouraging women out there. Blogging specifically about a relationship with God, she guides her readers [mostly women] on how to improve their relationship with God as well as men. She is also an author of Pink Lips and Empty Hearts. I picked this up a while ago but have been busy with life. However, this weekend I will be indulging in this and if it is anything like her posts, I will be done with it immediately. Check her blog out and see for yourself.

As much as I am a creature of habit to a certain extent, there are still areas of my life that I love to experiment on. Finding new artists/musicians/bands/music [whatever] is one of those things. Listening to mostly Hillsong music, I wanted to see what else was out there. 
Jesus Culture and Kierra Sheard's album Free are just a few that have been on replay [I fear Spotify may restrict the number of times I play them]. Spirit break out and Your love never fails are my favorite songs from Jesus Culture while Mighty, You are, Desire and Free are my absolute favorite from Kierra Sheard. 
I have been a fan of The Office for a while but I wasn't consistently following it episode by episode and I must have stopped watching it awhile ago when it was either at season 4 or 5. I decided to check on the mischief Dwight was up to by starting all over from season 1.   Wow. The office is cracking me up real bad. And why does Micheal have a lot of anger towards Toby? Hilarious. I have reached season 5 and can't wait to get to the current season where I heard something about Micheal leaving :( [sad]. Which are your favorite episodes?
What are you up to right now? Planning a trip? Trying something new? Let me know.