Topshop Aurora

How fitting? The term aurora means the dawn or rise of something. With the entry of a new season, I find this nail colour perfectly suitable. Cooler temperatures and the replacement of the sun with rain clearly show that the lovely summer season is over.

I find that with Fall comes the cliched colour of burgundy and other deep red tones. Now don't get me wrong. I love me some burgundy but I thought why shouldn't I experiment more with various colours.
I have completely fallen in love with Topshop's Aurora. It's warm tone gives me the feeling christmas. I am sure much has been said about Topshop's fast drying formulas, however for me particularly, the fact that the colour is not long lasting makes me slightly disappointed. None the less, this iridescent colour is going to be one of my favourites over this season. An alternative to Aurora is Revlon's Rose Gold nail polish. Have you tried the colour? What are your thoughts?